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Europe: Heritage Lived Rosa Luxemburg Gymnasium

The DELPHIC ART WALL is a multimedia Arts & Culture project, where students between the ages of 6 and 17 years, in context with the EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE YEAR 2018, are called to create and present publicly their ideas, wishes, and dreams of a united Europe, in analogue and digital form.

The first step is the invitation of 12 schools of its 12 districts of the city of Berlin to co-design their ribbon of diversity with the theme “Europe – united in diversity”. If this is realised through realistic drawings, or expressive paintings, Graffiti, Comic style or Tape art – the language of arts is manifold, like the students themselves. On 1,80 m (5,9 feet) high x 1,40 m (4,6 feet) wide canvases, which will later be intertwined to the ribbon of diversity, the ribbon will showcase the visions and diversity of the participants.

Part of the DELPHIC ART WALL concept is to let the artistic pieces speak for themselves, by digital short video sequences and a website i.e. to link them up in Social Networks. The students will document their art work through photographs, film clips and short interviews. Thereby, they will introduce themselves, explaining their cultural background / where they come from and their artistic work – they tell their story! The stories will be tranformed in to QR Codes. QR Codes will be integrated into the paintings, so that the visitors of the ART WALL can get the decoding via their smart phones to get their pictures alive.