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SHARING HERITAG continues in 2019!

Germany took an active role during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The office of the German Cultural Heritage Committee (DNK) was coordinating this participation in consultation with the federal, state and local governments and with public and private sponsors, conservators and communicators of cultural heritage. To build on 2018’s momentum and honor sustainable activities, we keep on working with SHARING HERITAGE calling for a wide variety of activities which

  • regard our cultural heritage as a special witness to our shared European history and culture as well as a shared task and will help every individual identify with Europe
  • are highly relevant in view of current social and political opportunities and challenges
  • address large segments of society, in particular children and young people
  • offer possibilities for Europe-wide or transnational exchange concerning different perspectives on witnesses to cultural heritage and shared commemoration
  • start with the built and archaeological heritage or are linked to an object or location
  • promote and appreciate involvement in the field of cultural heritage
  • All activities presented on this digital platform should relate to one of the major themes.


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    The German Cultural Heritage Committee can include projects in Germany, both existing and planned, responding to this call in the activities for the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018. These projects can then use the corporate identity of SHARING HERITAGE, which will increase the visibility of the joint activities.

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