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Bird Catchers, Sod Cutters and Curlews

30/08/2018, 19:00
Geestmoor 6, 49744 Geeste/Groß Hesepe, Niedersachsen
 Großer Brachvogel mit Junge

Event for children and teenagers

Emsland Moormuseum
Geestmoor 6
49744 Geeste/Groß Hesepe

Nature and Countryside in Northwest Germany 200 Years Ago—Photos and Films of the Conservation Pioneer and Photographer Dr. Hermann Reichling (1890 – 1948)

Our countryside has changed dramatically over the past 100 years. Dr. Bernd Tenbergen of the LWL Museum of Natural History, Munster takes you on a trip through the past. As a complement to the special exhibit in Moormuseum, he speaks about bird catchers, sod cutters and curlews, which the nature photographer Dr. Hermann Reichling was still able to fins everywhere at the beginning of the 20th century. The journey through pictures takes us through Westphalia and the Dümmer region where zoologist and museum director Dr. Reichling was active filming animals, and as a photographer and a conservationist.

Location—ticket counter. Admission free of charge

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