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Theme Day

Folkloremarkt und Dialog zur Kulturlandschaft

14/07/2018, 10:00 - 22:00
Community Center of Dolný Tisovník, 962 75 Horný Tisovník, Slovakia
 Der Folklore Markt von Tisovník Market (Slowakei) Sehr wie vielfältig unsere Agrarlandschaft ist!

Event for children and teenagers

Community Center of Dolný Tisovník
Community Center of Dolný Tisovník
962 75 Horný Tisovník

The Folklore market of Tisovník (Slovakia) will combine tradition, folklore, local products, information, dance, joy and entertainment. Come and have fun!
The FEAL Project will be introduced with a short presentation in the main program and will also be present at the Information-Kiosk.
Historians will inform about the historic and cultural values of cultural landscapes. In the “Expert kiosk” there will be educational offers towards history and archaeology. The ERASMUS + FEAL Project, in the framework of Sharing Heritage, will introduce and combine knowledge about landscape values and new income opportunities, based on the valorisation and acknowledgement of cultural landscapes in the rural countryside.

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Horný Tisovník is famous for it’s colored tomb stones.

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