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// Events // Hermann Reichling – Nature Photographer and Conservation Pioneer “Pictures of Emsland”


Hermann Reichling – Nature Photographer and Conservation Pioneer “Pictures of Emsland”

19/08/2018 - 04/11/2018
Geestmoor 6, 49744 Geeste/Groß Hesepe, Niedersachsen
 Das Bourtanger Moor bei Groß Hesepe, ca. 1935.

Event for children and teenagers

Emsland Moormuseum
Geestmoor 6
49744 Geeste/Groß Hesepe

Dr. Hermann Reichling (1890-1948) was a passionate pioneer of nature conservation in northwest Germany. Early on, the long-time director of the provincial museum of natural history in Munster complemented his observations and research with photography using a glass plate camera. The passionate photographer captured the rich flora and fauna of the moors, meadows, rivers and lakes in impressive snapshots. They were doubly impressive because Reichling at an early stage developed in his pictures a critical feeling for the changes on the countryside and the natural environment wrought by industrialization and modern times. Replaced as museum director by the National Socialists for his critical statements and for a time interned in Esterwegen, he survived the war in a research project on the Dümmer. Reinstalled as museum head after 1945, Reichling died in 1948 from the aftereffects of his concentration camp internment. Reichling’s estate, which consists of some 10,000 photographs and a few films, is today held by the Media Center of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe in Münster. The Emsland Moormuseum is presenting the photos of Reichling that were made in Emsland, supplemented by objects on ornithology of the 19th century.

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