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Europe: Border and Encounter Regions

Borders in Europe have always changed and have often been the reason or the result of armed conflicts und disputes. Border systems ranging from the Limes to the Danewerk to the Berlin Wall were always a sign of division, however, never of a complete division. Despite the spatial separation, an exchange of culture, knowledge and traditions always continued. Thus, borders have also stood for exchange and encounters with neighbours. In particular in Europe, where the next border is rarely more than a few hours’ drive away, cultural heritage tells us how deeply some elements of our own (cultural) history are rooted in the neighbouring country.

The theme EUROPE: BORDER AND ENCOUNTER REGIONS takes a closer look at how borders also connect areas and landscapes and at the cultural characteristics of neighbouring regions in Europe. What do we have in common? What connects us today? How can cross-border interaction strengthen our cultural heritage? How does cultural heritage strengthen the intercultural dialogue?