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7 Walks in the Woods

Europe: Remembrance and New Starts Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Konzepte e.V. (Kunstverein, Kiel, ADKV)

Ice Houses are the refrigerators of the past and the silent witnesses of climate change. There are many located in various landscapes across Germany and Europe. They are forgotten monuments of historical and cultural significance. “7 Walks in the Woods” is an exhibition which brings artists and cultural heritage together via a potential ice house in the Rabenholz Forest, Struxdorf in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It aim is to refresh people's memories of a particular ice house by using artistic research methods to give the heritage a contemporary voice. Also it seeks to involve the public in sharing their stories and pictures of not just this ice house in the Rabenholzer Forest but of others also.

Involved artists: Anja Jensen (Hamburg), Anka Landtau (Struxdorf), Linda Lammert Lildholdt (Denmark), Alexander Pröpster (Hamburg), Sabine Linse (Berlin) Clement Price-Thomas (New York). The artists work in the fields of trace detection, installation, sculpture, photography, film, intervention and cultural mapping.