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// Projects // Awoken from its Sleeping Beauty slumbers – bringing music to a historic monument!

Awoken from its Sleeping Beauty slumbers – bringing music to a historic monument!

Europe: Heritage Lived Höri Musiktage Bodensee

Up to 65 outstanding young musicians from all over Europe are invited to fill the Augustinian Canon Monastery in Öhningen with music and restore life and sound to this significant architectural monument at the Höri Music Festival Lake Constance taking place from August 5-12, 2018.

In the unique monastery setting, music lovers can experience a rich variety of high-quality concerts of classical music.

The Augustinian Canon Monastery lies in the centre of Europe, on the German-Swiss border in Öhningen on the Höri Peninsular, at the western extremity of Lake Constance. The Monastery was first mentioned in documents by Emperor Barbarossa in 1155.

For more than 900 years its impressive silhouette has dominated the landscape of gently undulating hills around Lake Constance. But the interior of the monastery, scarcely used for 200 years, has remained largely unknown until now.

The monastery bears witness to its eventful history. In addition to the church, the imposing complex of medieval buildings also includes cloisters. Despite numerous periods of conversion work, various parts are of considerable historical significance as evidence of our cultural heritage of various epochs from the late Romantic period to the Baroque era.

As a result of secularisation in 1805 the monastery was dissolved and became the property of the Margrave of Baden-Hochberg. The church received the right to use large parts of the building. In 1832 the parish of Öhningen acquired the provost’s residence as a schoolroom and accommodation for the teacher and used the vault of the old assembly hall as place to keep the fire-engine.

The fact that in recent times the monastery has remained largely intact and not passed into private hands is also due to the complicated ownership structure and usage rights existing among the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Church and the parish of Öhningen. This has prevented the use of the buildings as a whole and thus further changes to their structural substance and their private usage.

For a number of years the monastery buildings have been the subject of conservational and archaeological investigation and have in parts been restored in order to make them accessible to the public.

The Höri Music Festival Lake Constance 2018 will make the Augustinian Canon Monastery a European meeting-place for musicians and music-enthusiasts, for connoisseurs and newcomers, for villagers and guests. They are warmly invited to more than ten concerts in five days.

The Festival opens the monastery’s doors to the whole of Europe and transforms the largest historical monument on the western banks of Lake Constance into a dynamic soundscape.