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Beyond Boundaries-Brezmejno

Europe: Heritage Lived Jana Cisar Filmproduktion

BEYOND BOUNDARIES is a European road movie set along the scar-­‐lines inflicted by war. It tells of rupture in the lives of inhabitants, of those living in places where the BORDER is called Meja or Granica or Frontiera – along Slovenia's borders with Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy.
The film explores these borders – their nature, their creation and how they change. Is a state without borders possible? Are emotions, thoughts, relationships, languages and ideas curtailed by borders?

The different landscapes of the various regions and the experiences of their inhabitants meld to create a cinematic kaleidoscope of sights and stories. Thomas Plenert's sensitive and nuanced cinematography documents people and places by means of extraordinary images.

Texts by Aleš Šteger accompany the documentary material into a literary past and present. They speak of the sea, of mountains, rivers, forests and lowlands. The poems evoke constant change and displacement.
Nothing stays the same, not even the borders that pass like shifting sand dunes along the valleys, lakes and rivers before receding into nothingness.
This poetry of transformation is the essence of BEYOND BOUNDARIES.

The score, composed for the film by Jelena Ždrale and Nino de Gleria, is inspired in equal part by ethno jazz, contemporary music and Balkan sounds. Brina Vogelnik, one of Slovenia's most distinctive singers, adds her voice to an intricate musical tapestry with its roots in traditional song to accompany the cinematic journey. Music establishes spaces for the multifarious moods of Aleš Šteger's texts. The delicately arranged composition references sounds that relate specifically to the musical histories of these lands.

The film BEYOND BOUNDARIES is a visual feast and a philosophical journey to the heart of Europe. The protagonists encountered en route and their personal stories mirror their lives beyond boundaries. Yet serve, too, as a reminder of the threat to common-­‐ ground in an unbounded Europe where, despite all things, borders are again being mooted