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Called By Your Name: Mary and Nicholas

Europe: Heritage Lived Kulturbüro der EKD

"Cultural heritage" can often be found in various namings of places, buildings and people. Starting at the names of Mary and Nicholas, the project "Called By Your Name" aims to look at the personal identity connected to one's own name. There will be an interactive exhibition in one St. Mary's Church and one St. Nicholas' Church of each of Germany's federal states. Here, international variations of the names Mary and Nicholas are shown, German and European churches of this name are presented and the iconographic meaning is explained, e.g. of the three apples of Nicholas or St. Mary's coat.
Under the heading "Nomen est omen" proverbs related to various names are introduced. Moreover, the exhibition shows the connections between "home and individual", "name and heritage" and "culture and identity". It is addressed to daily visitors, schools and tourists. It is also suited to adult education and questions individual traditions. At each location stories about one's own name can be added. Consequently, the exhibition spreads from the 32 churches into the regions.
Workshops and other events for young people and adults will accompany the exhibition.

This project is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

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