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Cultural Heritage in the Region of Rastatt

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Just in time for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the exhibition "The cultural heritage of our region" starts in Bühl in the Friedrichsbau, a historic building in the heart of the charming town at the foot of the Black Forest. Impressive images give an idea of the eventful history of the region, which has always been closely linked to European fate. Its cultural heritage is not only a reminder of the past, but also a key to the future. It's a piece of home! Times of peace and wars alternated, each destruction followed again a buildup. Clever minds and courageous pioneers from near and far marked the history here. Powerful medieval castles, impressive churches, monasteries, bastions and palaces as well as tombs from the Celtic era, spas, fountains, factories, crafts and customs bear witness to the past times that still characterize people today.

The European Photographic Academy began with the photographic exploration of the cultural heritage of the region in 2013, when photo-teams from 4 countries cooperated in the European project "" European Cultural Heritage - a melting pot of cultures through the Art of Photography " photographing and discussing the cultural heritage of their nations. The project showed that photography is an excellent bridge for sustainable, intercultural exchange in Europe. The team of the European Photo Academy took more photo tours of the cultural treasures of the region. In September 2016, in cooperation with the adult education center Rastatt and the district archive Rastatt, another exhibition dealing about the cultural heritage of the region was opened.

The exciting project will continue even after the exhibition in Bühl. Current information can be accessed directly online at Here you can also find the free download of the exhibition catalogue as an open educational resource.