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// Projects // ›DÆTA‹ – An art and socio-cultural project in the Romanian city of Deta

›DÆTA‹ – An art and socio-cultural project in the Romanian city of Deta

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›DÆTA‹ – An art and socio-cultural project on the occasion of the European year of cultural heritage in the Romanian city of Deta on the subject of collecting, knowledge and memory in May-July 2018.

The city of Deta is situated in the region of Banat, a multi-ethnical borderland in South-Europe. Contingent upon history, politics and migration it is reflecting the ascendancies of numerous European cultures in an unique manner.

Together with the people of the region it is intended to strengthen the consciousness of cultural values and our shared European heritage. The vital and divers local competences will be activated and connected in a contemporary approach. At the core lies the basic human need to collect, preserve and to communicate. There is no limit to the scope and range of the individual collections. Beginning with the classical stamp collection, family albums or old-fashioned implements and ending with wrappings or rusty iron. But also immaterial collections are of great interest for the project: libraries of expertise regarding regional history or historical occurrences, knowledge about special settings, of idioms as well as forgotten competences and abilities.

The historical distinctiveness alongside the inhabitants' knowledge will be reflected in the form of an exhibition and a theater performance. Aided by pictures, audio and video recordings a continuous archive will grow and be presented by a printed publication.

›DÆTA‹ is realized by the Artist and Philosopher Gottfried Binder.