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The Holler Route

Europe: Exchange and Movement Altes Land

The Holler route describes how the Dutch influence has shaped the Altes Land. The Holler Route connects – European mother and daughter landscapes that have been created since the 12th Century throughout Europe by Dutch hydraulic engineers. The Holler Route makes the past visible, tangible, comprehensible, comparable. It shows a unique European cultural landscape, which is at the same time historical and progressive and, still today represents economic and living conditions.
The project should not only convey historical and contemporary knowledge about the respective locations along the route, it is also the issue about the meaning of the cultural heritage Altes Land socially and politically in current topics and in Europe. As keywords may illustrate: regional community Altes Land, Commerce-Development-Progress, Democracy and Women’s rights, Dutch rights. The roots, the depths and the growth of our cultural heritage should become an experience and a bicycle ride at different places as well as for completely different visitors, so that the apparent cultural goods at different places in Altes Land may not only be perceived in their beauty, but also in their whole deep impact on the society.
The objective is to make the centuries-old culture of the Altes Land, the specific conditions and frameworks, which established this dynamic cultural landscape, visible and tangible for locals, for visitors from Germany as well as from other countries. It addresses also to children and youth to prepare comprehensively, barrier-free and physically accessible, to becset in a societal and political reference – within Europe.
In accordance with the common European past, this route shall connect different Holler Colonies with each other. The focus will initially lie on a line Kaag-en-Brassem in the Netherlands on the Altes Land until the Vistula valley in Poland. The different project partners will work together in their countries on the realisation of this Holler route.
On 20 June 2018 the exhibition of the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Foundation for Monument Protection) will open in the Museum Altes Land as part of the Cultural Heritage Year through the district authority. The topic is: Jugendbauhütten (mason lodges for youth) and it is among others about the JBH (mason lodges for youth) in the district Stade. In addition the site board of trustees of Stade presents funding support from the region – also from Jork.
The “Heritage Day” on 9th of September, focuses on Sharing Heritage in Altes Land this year. Besides, in the course of the next months, different activities, events and exhibitions will take place, that wish to convey the cultural heritage of the Holler colony Altes Land to most various user groups in the frame of the Cultural Heritage Year.