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Entangled History – Vernetzte Geschichte

Europe: Exchange and Movement Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

Since its foundation on April 21, 1829 in Rome, the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) sees itself as a European research institution. The founding members from different European nations had set themselves the goal of researching and preserving the cultural heritage of Europe. The institute, which now operates with 19 locations and over 250 projects worldwide, has maintained this claim to this day. Of course, cultural heritage does not stop at the borders of Europe, but rather focuses on the cultural heritage of humanity worldwide - with all its links and mutual influence with and on Europe: Entangled History!

In addition to the purely archaeological research of sites and monuments, the protection and preservation of cultural assets plays a central role for the DAI. The DAI's expertise in the design and construction of protective structures and museums, as well as issues of dealing with cultural heritage in urban contexts and in questions of destroyed building structures and cultural assets through acts of war and natural disasters, is in international demand. These questions in principle lead to the need for an expanded view, which leads over the cultural heritage of antiquity in topical issues of urban planning and building culture.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the DAI creates a platform for participation and exchange at its Europe-wide locations. The exhibitions, lectures, discussions and conferences refer to the theme "Europe: exchange and movement" - one of five main themes of the year. All events are organized together with local partners and provide a deep insight into the worldwide work of the DAI.

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