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European Route of Industrial Heritage

Europe: Exchange and Movement ERIH European Route of Industrial Heritage e.V.

What has a copper mine in Sweden to do with an iron works in the Saar? How did Sheffield and Solingen become rivals? What were the main features of the textile industry in the Euregio Maas/Rhine region?
Industrialisation has left its mark all over Europe. It shaped our landscapes, influenced our day-to-day life and after the industries declined huge monuments remained as testimonies of this important European era.

Each industrial monument is part of a bigger picture. The backbone of the ERIH system is made up of Anchor Points, the most important and attractive tourist sites of European industrial heritage.
ERIH stands for the best in European industrial heritage. Nineteen Regional Routes present the industrial heritage of different regions in Europe and fifteen European Theme Routes give a detailed overview about the history of key industries. More than 100 biographies tell the stories of people who influenced Europe´s industrialisation.

What is ERIH?
Pounding steam engines, deafening factories, the fate of working people and everyday working life bring the Industrial Revolution back to life – being staged in industrial monuments and museums all over Europe. ERIH is packaging our industrial heritage into a fascinating network of European culture.

The result is an up-to-date range of cultural, leisure and tourist attractions in former industrial sites, all with a common seal of quality! With more than 1,500 sites in 45 countries ERIH is the most comprehensive information portal of European industrial heritage. Come and join us on an exciting discovery trip.