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European Culture Route of Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA

Europe: Exchange and Movement Europäisches Festungstourismus und Festungsmarketing Netzwerk e.V.

FORTE CULTURA® - Tourism brand for European fortified monuments

Fortified monuments have a big touristic potential, but only a few benefit from that. 80% of the fortified monuments are lesser known, not present on the tourism market, under financed and burden the communal budget.

With the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA a special touristic product is for the first time provided for the culture tourism. FORTE CULTURA presents the „architectura militaris“ as unique fortress architecture with its very diverse touristic offers under a uniform brand.

Fortified cities and citadels, fortified palaces and castles, defensive sacral buildings, large fortress systems and defence lines tell about European history, about empires and dynasties. As important cultural heritage of the old continent some fortresses are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

FORTE CULTURA creates a new understanding of the interesting „Fortified Heritage“, presents the rich „Experience World” offered within and develops a new interesting “Travel World“.