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European Enlightenment Online

Europe: Remembrance and New Starts Gleimhaus - Museum der deutschen Aufklärung

The project will provide an interactive web presence created with the participation of young people concerning the Age of Enlightenment. We involve young people not only in the generation of content, but to help develop the Internet platform. This participatory approach leads to a directly lived heritage of the ideas of European Enlightenment.

"Enlightenment" should not only be experienced and presented as a historical entity, but also as a phenomenon of daily life. The aim is to go back to a historical epoch of breakup and change based on the young people's own questions and topics. We hope that the young people can use the impulses of change that are connected with the European Enlightenment for their personal lives. Concrete and still current questions could, for example, be: What about equality in our society? Waht about tolerance today if for example refugees with different cultural backgrounds and/or different sets of beliefs come to our hometown? Who has access to a certain kind of education in today's Europe – and who has not? Where is my part in our European culture and what contributions can I make?

We like to offer stimuli for a lively engagement with our cultural heritage on a local level and at the same time would like to deliberately show the influence of the (European) ideas of the Enlightenment up to the present. By active remembrance of the Age of Enlightenment with regard to social changes we intend to develop an engrossed and also “European” consciousness.

The focus of this examination is based on the state of Saxony-Anhalt which offers a broad (cultural-)historical, landscaping and building history originated in the Age of Enlightenment.

In a download area, information on places, spaces and objects of the enlightenment are available to a wide audience. This worldwide offer will be presented in German and English. In addition, the project provides different ways of access through an artistically open approach (videos, strip cartoons and many more).

Therefore the study of a historical and at the same time European phenomenon might help young people to live and further develop the “European idea”.

The project is sponsored by Representative for Culture and Media of the Federal Government as part of the European Cultural Year 2018.