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FEAL: multifunctional Farming for the sustainability of European Agricultural Landscapes

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The FEAL Project, multifunctional Farming for the sustainability of European Agricultural Landscapes is an Erasmus-Project (grant number 2016-1-SK01-KA202-022502) in which scientists and practitioners from 6 European countries that among others develop e-learning materials as well as put online two databanks, one with case studies and one on agricultural landscapes. The FEAL-Project aims to further train young farmers, young entrepreneurs in rural areas and agricultural family businesses in the conception and implementation of sustainable / multifunctional approaches in agriculture. It foresees to link the different interests of the farmers and the rural society around the European agricultural landscape and to achieve positive effects.

European agricultural landscapes have a high cultural value: our traditions are reflected in our agricultural landscapes, they consequently contribute to our cultural identification. These are expressed among others in many traditional celebrations (harvest festival, pageants, wine queen, etc). At the same time farmers are also preservers of cultural heritage on the basis of their delivered knowledge, for example through equipment, craft, techniques of cultivation, seed, harvest and storage. Some agricultural landscapes are unique at small-scale; others we find with similar characteristics throughout Europe. They depict societal and legal regulations (for example gavelkind), but also development tendencies: hedge landscapes – often only as relict – versus open landscapes, favoured by the current EU subsidy policy. Furthermore, the agricultural landscapes play a decisive role for the conservation of biodiversity and food production.

Young farmers and landowners need further training possibilities in order to manage the landscape in accordance with societal requirements. The FEAL-Project helps farmers to develop and implement innovative management approaches.
Based on case studies and an e-Atlas of the European agricultural landscapes, the FEAL-Project will provide a flexible training system that promotes the sustainable entrepreneurship in rural regions.
Practical examples, that show successful companies and concepts, will be transnationally exchanged in the whole EU. They show how win-win-situations can be created and thus stimulate innovative entrepreneurial trades.

The project participants come besides Germany from Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Belgium. The project runs from December 2016 until May 2019 and will be financed with means of the European Union.