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Fragments of Prora

Europe: Remembrance and New Starts Scherben von Prora

Within the framework of a project fellowship, Markus Georg Reintgen did further work on the artistic examination that he began in 2008 of the eventful history of the Prora architecture complex on the Island of Rügen. The »Kraft durch Freude« (Strength through Joy) coastal resort that was left unfinished by the National Socialists and then found intermediate military use in East Germany has been undergoing development into a residential and hotel complex since 2010. Markus Georg Reintgen documents this transformation in his new photographic works, in which he captures the buildings from a very low angle. These works call to mind the aesthetics of Neues Sehen (New Vision) as well as of constructivist photography—based on precisely that avant-garde photography of the 1920s and 30s in Germany whose representative s were oppressed and persecuted by the National Socialist regime. The analogue black-and-white photographs, which were taken with a historical camera, are constructed predominantly as pairs of images. Markus Georg Reintgen’s preparatory working drawing that begins the series of images in the catalogue provides insight into the artist’s analytical conceptual process, which is based on the construction of perspectival »sight lines.«