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// Projects // “Transboundary European World Heritage – a Topic for the UNESCO Project Schools”

“Transboundary European World Heritage – a Topic for the UNESCO Project Schools”

Europe: Exchange and Movement Institute Heritage Studies

European transboundary UNESCO World Heritage sites uniquely portray how the peoples of Europe have shaped their cultures and societies and what measures they have taken to preserve their heritage. Hence, these World Heritage sites have great purpose in representing national experiences as well as experiences that have connected peoples.

The project aims to realize the potential of the respective World Heritage Sites by advancing sustainable international understanding in line with UNESCO's mandate for peace, collaborating with teachers and students in the curricular preparation of the project at UNESCO Project Schools, and by transforming the project into appealing, modern formats for students. As such, the project objective is to raise awareness among European student bodies of the importance and potential of their shared cultural heritage sites, to awaken them to the places and objects of European history, and to mobilize them in sustainably developing this potential.

Target groups / Institutions:
The target groups include students of the UNESCO Project Schools from participating regions and / or federal states. Institutionally, the project caters to the network of UNESCO Project Schools, as these schools have committed themselves to the goals and ideals of UNESCO and their integration into the curriculum and daily school life.

In workshops students and teachers will discuss the topic, "what UNESCO World Heritage means for Europe today.” They will receive substantial input from the coordinators of transnational World Heritage sites as well as from historians and specialists on the history and present time of respective regions of Europe. A desired outcome will be videos created by the students under the professional guidance of media educators; these videos will be later made public on a dedicated digital platform. In addition, exercise sheets will be created by teachers for classroom instruction within the UNESCO schools network.

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