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Half-Timbered Lifestyle

The European City Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Fachwerkstaedte e.V.

Throughout 2018 Europe will celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage and a number of initiatives and events. The „Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Fachwerkstädte e.V.“ therefore contributes four projects. Entitled "Fachwerk Lifestyle" they all have the agenda to preserve half-timbered houses and reveal possibilities of modern lifestyle in those.

The first project, called "Kommunen innovativ - Bürgerfonds", aims to preserve and maintain vacant half-timbered houses with the aid of civic commitment.
"Kompetenzzentrum Klimaschutz in Fachwerkstädten" offers a new approach to conserve energy in half-timbered houses and to effectively generate energy in half-timbered towns.
Our third project, known as „Integration & Qualifikation“, is about the integration of migrants in half-timbered towns.
The fourth project will be initiated on the 15th of March and attempts to show residents (as well as people interested in becoming residents) that modern lifestyle and up to date building services are also feasible in half-timbered houses.

The whole project makes a significant contribution to the preservation of a prototypical European urban form, the half-timbered town.