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Cultural Heritage at Nuremberg’s trade routes

Europe: Exchange and Movement Altnürnberger Landschaft e. V.

The historical society Altnürnberger Landschaft e. V. wants to bring back into mind the age-long importance of the city of Nuremberg and its cultural interexchange with other European regions. The common heritage will be newly-discovered and its importance for cultural identity will be emphasized.

Artists, craftsmen, scientists and merchants of this city had set out to the world with their ideas and products. Even in the middle ages the inhabitants of Nuremberg thought European: In the period of the Hohenstaufen dynasty the city was the center of the route from Alsace and Swabia to the city of Eger. The route from Nuremberg to Prague was very important even before Imperator Charles IV. constituted his territory „Neuböhmen“ and the name „Golden Street“ was used. Nuremberg companies settled in the Fondaco dei Tedeschi of Venezia, Italian and Dutch merchants like Viatis and van Lierdt settled in the Noris. Medieval Nuremberg entrepreneurs were engaged in the steel production of Steyr in Austria. The Altnürnberger Landschaft e. V. offers a wide range of excursions and other activities which will help to learn more about the many historical monuments and other cultural landscape highlights on these important European routes.