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Lost Traces

Europe: Remembrance and New Starts Alexander Flöth

The project „LOST TRACES...“ intends to sensibilize kids, teens and young adults for discovering the living cultural heritage of Europe.
Historical relicts in the landscape, hidden archiological traces, waste lands, abandoned buildings and places of change create a special fascination to the youth: This is the place and moment when cultural heritage is perceptible beyond of authentic museum-like aestheticitation. Here is an open space available for imagination, creativity and self determined activities.

LOST TRACES... invites young people together with citizens, experts, creatives and teachers to discover lost places and hidden cultural traces, which are relevant in the european context.
The young participants will be in the course of the project patrons of the choosen location. They will investigate and scrutinise it, design and treat the whole place in a playful manner only for a certain time, constructional and with a cultural dimension:
Spacial intervention or artistic set design, street art, light installations, guided tours, presentations, music and dance or common feasts might be part of the discoverage and the interaction of this very place. Because of the temporary capture of the location, the lost space and it’s forgotten history will arise to public consciousness. Discussions will be kicked off and new ways of numerous usages will be proved. The projects will give new impulses for city development and local networks for schools and universities and the academic discourse in educational science of preservation of historical monuments.