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My Europe. Europe’s history on the basis of private objects

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In the course of a lifetime, many items accumulate in the household. Some comes and goes again because it is broken, too worn or superfluous. Other remains. Because it has always been a memento or because it became one. Because it has a certain aesthetic and material value. Because it's a family heirloom. Because the job involves it. Because leisure, such as traveling, brings with it. Because they are gifts.

Even a small household has hundreds of items. Each item also contains a story, it has its own personal story, whether exciting or completely unspectacular. It is always part of a wider story, e.g. European - and it connects me to this European history.

For the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, I invite you to explore and tell European history using private household items.

How does it work?

You can send me a direct message on Twitter: @WolfgangSchmale; Hashtag is: #myEurope.

Write a text as in the examples and photograph the objects. Then a photo of yourself and a short profile. Send everything to:

I answer you and prepare the publication on