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Murmeln der Erinnerung – Marbles of Remembrance

Europe: Remembrance and New Starts Murmeln der Erinnerung

The Chatbot “Marbles of Remembrance“ presents an interactive platform, which allows the user to communicate with an artificial intelligence and to learn about the life of Jewish children in Berlin during the Nazi Regime (1933-1945).

The application offers the user a new experience of history within the urban context through multimedia content that is offered while moving around the city. The past becomes a new reality through the localization in everyday life and in the (familiar) environment. The user suddenly finds himself in the shoes of the children; walks in their footsteps; can identify with them and understands history on a closer emotional level, as he/she is able to through numbers and facts of history books.

The current beta-version of the Chatbot is freely available within the messenger service “Telegram“ (Contacts => @MarblesofRemembrance) and offers three features:

1.) Knowledge-to-go:
By turning on the live-location, information about the Jewish children and Stolpersteine in the user’s vicinity, is continuously received during a city exploration or in everyday life.

2.) Specific Research:
The Chatbot can be asked about the youngest victims of the Holocaust. It researches in the database of the ITS - International Tracing Service (the project’s partner organization) for available information and sends them to the user.

3.) Tours:
The Tour Feature provides a deeper insight into the lives and the fates of individual children, the schools, orphanages or synagogues they visited.

The international team, consisting of Leonardo de Aráujo (PhD candidate at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Bremen), Adrienn Kovács (IT Business Analyst) and Nina Hentschel (architect and World Heritage expert), developed the Chatbot within the 6-week programming contest “Coding da Vinci 2017 Berlin“ and received the award “Out of Competition“ in early December 2017. Coding da Vinci is an official contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage in Germany.

The team aims to extend the project on the content and spacial level in 2018.