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Europe: Heritage Lived Musikfestspiele Sanssouci

Potsdam is a focal point of European history. Much like a mirror the city centres the view and brightly reflects it back to what we call Europe. For centuries the city owed its rise to migration. (As did in fact all of Brandenburg and Prussia.) The Jews that were banished from Austria, the persecuted Huguenots from France: this is where they find a new home; the Great Elector consciously grants them the freedom to practice their religion in the Potsdam Edict of Toleration. And with the persecuted people others are enticed to Potsdam as well since they see work and opportunities: Dutch people bring their construction skills and their craftsmanship, Swiss manufacturers and farmers, Flemish blacksmiths, Bohemian weavers and musicians, Italian tailors or Russian soldiers and choir singers… Potsdam turns into a melting pot of people and thus sets an economic, social and cultural example. Today we can still witness the power and quality of this great period.

Palaces, gardens, city quarters and the appearance of the cultural landscape tell a story of hope and promising prospects with great intensity. It suggests itself: the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci dedicates a festival to the European dimension of its domain and makes the city resound with the basis of its prosperity: the tolerant, ever inspiring European togetherness.