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Nichelino and its Castle of Stupinigi,

Europe: Exchange and Movement Destination Napoleon

During one day on June 2018, the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities, the Fondation Ordine Mauriziano and the municipality of Nichelino, wish to organise 2 kinds of activities:

The first one will be dedicated to the history addressing citizens and children: Discovering the european history with a Napoleonic troops demonstration, with ludic and didactic activities that aim to link history and future and by it to explain how history can help us to build the future, using history to create a common vision instead of an antagonistic approach.

The second one will be a more institutional and scientific activity with a seminar on “how Destination Napoleon and the Cultural Routes of Council of Europe can be a vector and a model for a cultural and touristic mastered valorisation”. Responsibles of the Institute of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, managers of other Cultural Routes, city members of Destination Napoleon, Regional Institutions, local administrations and stakeholders of the territory will be invited to participate.

Objectives and expected results:
- The objective for the citizens of the area is to sensitize them to and inform them about the international potential of the castle of Stupinigi by associating it with Destination Napoleon
- Mark the beginning of an effective collaboration between the city of Nichelino and Destination Napoleon
- Integrate the city and Stupinigi Castle into the European Cultural Route
- To discuss the means, the opportunities and the activities to develop in the service of the visibility of the city and the castle in an international context within the framework of a mastered tourist and cultural valorisation