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// Projects // Nuclear Power Stations. Heritage Values and Preservation Perspectives

Nuclear Power Stations. Heritage Values and Preservation Perspectives

Europe: Remembrance and New Starts Technische Universität Berlin, Deutsches Nationalkomitee des International Council on Monuments and Sites, The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage, Deutsches Technikmuseum

Even today it is obvious that the preservation of nuclear power stations has to face two major challenges regarding their authenticity and integrity: on the one hand, the radioactive pollution of certain buildings and their technical equipment; on the other hand, the idealistic ‘charge’ as a result of decades of fundamental discussions about the use and the consequences of power generation through nuclear fission. While radioactive pollution limits the preservation of nuclear power stations in their entirety, the political debate splits the involved stakeholders and interest groups into two camps. To preserve closed-down nuclear power stations as listed monuments is a complex responsibility for the parties concerned, not just technically but also socially and politically.

The aim of the conference is to discuss how to handle in a conscious and differentiated way the important architectural heritage of an industry that probably like no other in recent history has preoccupied and impacted society.

Through an exchange with experts from Germany and abroad models for the definition of the monument value, for documenting and safeguarding entire nuclear plants and/or parts of them will be introduced and discussed. The experiences already made in the neighbouring European countries can give information about chances, questions and conflicts.