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PanoramaStreetline: The Streets of Lyon / Les rues de Leipzig

The European City Panorama Streetline

Berlin|Paris Hamburg|Marseille and more german-french twin towns in linear cityscapes

What constitutes a european city? That's a question that we would like to look into by comparing linearised cityscapes of german-french twin towns. These kinds of visualizations show (for example) complete street fronts, which on one hand makes it possible to see a city in a way that is normally not perceivable standing there in reality. On the other hand we can see new connections in the city - in its architecture, its structure as well as its historical and societal progression. The streetline compositions created for this exhibition will show high streets in the centres as well as industrial architecture, old town streets, river fronts and train stations which proved to be decisive for urban development.

Started as a crowd funding project with the Institut Francais Germany, this exhibition will present the results for the first time. The emphasis will be on the Leipzig|Lyon partnership, we will show more cities however, amongst others Berlin|Paris, Hamburg|Marseille, Dresden|Strasbourg, Frankfurt|Lyon or Munich|Bordeaux.