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Stories of the Alamanni and the Franks – 1500 years ago and today

Europe: Exchange and Movement Städtische Museen Heilbronn

Following the special exhibition "They came ... and they stayed / Alamanni and Franks in the Southwest / immigration then and now" of the Städtischen Museen Heilbronn from March to September 2017, Jürgen Heinritz sets out on a journey. He has in his luggage: two information boards and a selection of replicas from an Alamann girl grave at 300 from Gundelsheim. In his "outfit" after the Frankish tabard of Klepsau and the Alamannic finds of Trossingen from the end of the 6th century, he tells what archaeological objects from the Migration Period reveal.

The "Stories of the Alamanni and the Franks" show the mobility and connections of people from the 3rd to the end of the 6th century. Based on the grave burials and scientific findings, we were able to trace life stories ranging from France to Hungary and from Scandinavia to Italy. The project shows the Alamanni and the Franks living today their historical roots and sensitises them to today's immigration stories.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the project starts with weekend events in the southwest. The costs are borne by the respective museum itself. Information boards and replicas are provided by the Städtischen Museen Heilbronn. The publication of the exhibition (13 Euro) should be offered for sale.

Kick-off event: 29th July, 2-4 pm, Museum im Deutschhof, Deutschhofstraße 6, 74072 Heilbronn