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Summer Theatre in Historic Towns

The European City Arbeitsgemeinschaft Historische Stadtkerne

From June to August 2018, the Working Group for Cities with Historic Town Cores in Brandenburg sends the theatre 89 on the summer tour in 15 Town Cores. Presented will be the Russian evening with three one-act plays by Anton Chekhov: The Bear, The Proposal of Marriage and On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco. The actors will be musically supported by the Raduga women's choir.

The European cultural heritage in the state of Brandenburg also includes the testimonies and legacies of centuries of relations with Russia. Be it in examples of architecture such as Alexandrovka in Potsdam, Russian Orthodox churches, Russian customs, Russian food, the Russian language, literature, music and art, or the consequences of war in landscape and in families. theater 89, which was initially stationed in the district of Flugplatz, Altes Lager, Gemeinde Niedergörsdorf (district planes square, old warehouse, municipality Niedergör), a former base of the Red Army, has a close friendship with the local women's choir RADUGA, which was founded by Russian-German emigrants and took part in many stagings. RADUGA means rainbow in English – it will also musically span the RUSSIAN EVENING at selected locations of the 2018 summer tour.