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Tastes of Danube: Bread connects

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The project “Tastes of Danube. Bread connects” central aim is to foster the awareness of common cultural roots in the Danube area and in Europe. In addition, the Danube community shall be strengthened through the topic “bread”: On the one hand, it is about the appreciation of national cultural heritage and on the other hand about finding transnational commonalities. Through different activities, citizens of all ages, ethnicities and social milieus are invited to experience bread as a common intangible cultural heritage, which can be found in many facets on both local and transnational level. With communal action on local and transnational level, the possibilities of bread as cultural heritage with regard to intergenerational and intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and economic development in the Danube area and in Europe shall be made accessible. Bread is more than staple food. For centuries, bread has been a symbol of community, sharing and responsibility in almost every culture and religion in Europe. Bread is a topic in numerous traditions, festivities and customs on local, national and international levels. In the project “Tastes of Danube. Bread connects” bread shall be experienced as a culturally specific and identity-sustaining measure for different target groups in the Danube area: With common cross-border work, cultural distinctiveness, differences, but also many similarities can be found – diversity is experienced positively through communal action. The long-term goal is to create a virtual “Cultural Road of Bread along the Danube” with the results of the project.

Upcoming activities:
“Tastes of Danube. Bread connects“ is also the motto of the Danube-Networkers’ partner days during the 11th International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm: On 13th July 2018, a conference with the topic “Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Danube Area – A National Asset or a Contribution to European Identity?” is taking place. During the conference on 13th July, lectures and the results of a research on the topic baking houses and the application of the method “Theory and training in bread methods”, will be presented to an international public, followed by a discussion. Baking Houses are not only places for the production of food but also for community connected in long traditions and being revitalized. On 14th July, sweet and savoury goods are baked in intercultural groups. Furthermore, citizens from Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surroundings are invited to a Danube Bridge Breakfast at Herdbrücke in Ulm on 15th July 2018. On 30 tables, civic organisations from the Ulm region and from other Danube countries invite guests to snacks and intercultural exchange.

Before the conference, a virtual ribbon of friendship will be created with the digital photo campaign “Give a sign of friendship”. What makes it special is that the participants send in photos of themselves with bread. During the 11th International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm in July 2018, the ribbon of friendship will be exhibited as a photo wall – like this, a sign of a peaceful and solidary cohabitation in the Danube countries and in Europe will be shown.

In connection with the photo campaign, a creative baking competition takes place: “Bread connects Europe: Create and Bake.” (1st March – 15th April 2018). Baked goods from simple dough that reflect one’s own idea of Europe shall be created and demonstrate the topic of Europe in an artistic way. The main prize is an invitation to the international partner meeting of the Danube-Networkers for 1 to 2 persons from 12th – 15th July 2018. There will be a special prize for school groups.

The State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Ulm support the project financially, as well as further sponsors.