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// Projects // The Imperial Palace of Ingelheim – Bringing the place of power back to the imagination

The Imperial Palace of Ingelheim – Bringing the place of power back to the imagination

Europe: Exchange and Movement Forschungsstelle Kaiserpfalz

The town of Ingelheim is located in the picturesque Rhine Valley and it boasts a unique tourist attraction, the medieval imperial palace of Charlemagne. This is a remarkably well-researched and extensively preserved palace complex originated in the late 8th century. It served as the temporary residence for the emperor in the Middle Ages. The empire of Charlemagne governed by way of over 100 palaces which were the important reference points for the traveling rulers. They were also gathering places for the people from the entire empire and visiting legations from the Byzantine Empire, the Orient and Scandinavia.

Some fascinating aspects of these medieval places of power are their proven diverse European references. They relate to the matters of politics and personalities, as well as economics and material culture. They have left impressive testimonies in architecture, art and handicrafts. The places of power as the cultural heritage emphasize the common history and cultural identity that go beyond the national borders.

The town of Ingelheim will present “the palatium” of Charlemagne as the central place of the early medieval living environments and the cultural transfer during “the cultural heritage year 2018”. The interested visitors will acquaint themselves with the medieval residence in Ingelheim by means of modern media technology, as well as by room installations on a scale of 1:1, the reconstruction of historical room acoustics, guided thematic tours and other various events.

The European relevance will be always at the center of the staging: building materials and their provenances, mintages of the found coins, the Rhine as the main artery for the European exchange and communication. Furthermore, the political history of the Europe as a whole and the particular ethnic identities will also a part of this presentation.

The curious visitors of all age will receive comprehensive insight into the complex European history.

This project is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

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