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// Projects // The World of Thietmar. A Merseburg bishop makes history

The World of Thietmar. A Merseburg bishop makes history

Europe: Remembrance and New Starts ThietmarsWelt

Thietmar (975 – 1018) is one of the most famous bishops of Merseburg. He influenced our contemporary imagination of the middle ages including all celebrated kings with his chronicle, he has written thousand years ago. In his descriptions are signifying historical events in Europe combined with trivial scenes from local populations life. This variety give us a real reflection of a fascinating period and it makes him to the most world-famous chronicler.

The exhibition „The World of Thietmar. A Merseburg bishop makes history“ devote attention to Thietmars visualised manuscript transmission. (July 15th to November 4th 2018 in Merseburg). Exhibition visitors will be able to comprehend imperial coronations, magnificent court councils or religious festivals, furthermore villigars or castle residents everyday life, their starvation and daily risks and efforts to cultivate the country. Thietmars chronicle can be read as the who-is-who of an eventful period, because there are a lot of entries and describtions of all well known powerful sovereign like Otto I., Otto II., Otto III. or Heinrich I. and Heinrich II. as well.

With examples of Thietmars chronicle and high-leveled loans it will be possible to experience the world of middle ages, which was the world of Thietmar.