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Precious books and scholarly monks

Europe: Heritage Lived Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren - Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg - Schwäbisches Bildungszentrum und Bildungswerk Irsee

The Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren (city museum of Kaufbeuren) presents for the very first time a selection of precious manuscripts and prints from the monastic library of the former benedictine imperial abbey of Irsee. The exhibition will be complemented by a gallery of the abbots of Irsee, liturgical garments und devices as well as other objects out of the monastery. The library, which has vanished from public consciousness for by now nearly two hundred years, will be made visible again in this presentation in Kaufbeuren, at close quarters to Irsee. The fundament for the exhibition is a preliminary research project, initiated by the Bildungszentrum Irsee and the Schwäbisches Bildungszentrum Irsee. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of an opulently illustrated catalogue with contributions of selected professionals. The publication will give detailed descriptions of all presented manuscripts and prints as well as further objects. Moreover it will give profound insights into the history of the monastic library of the imperial abbey of Irsee.

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