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The European City Rete Donne e.V.

From January 2018 on the purpose is to develop and implement a culture heritage App about 20 different locations in Charlottenburg and Wedding. At first the project team consists of 30 young people between the ages of 14 and 18 - all coming from different countries. The project will be carried out in one year under sustainability constraints.

On the self-determined „WAnderschaft“, teams of two or three girls o women form a public intervention. The immediate urban living environment of the groups is the centre stage. They select urban situations that are either connected to their home or remind them. These can be buildings, facades, but also other scenes of individual interests.

The aim is to support them to further observations, attentive noticing, appreciation, new issues and to give them impulses for an enhanced exchange with the people in the neighbourhood across generations. The related documentation in audio and video is also edited and included step by step in the App. The groups will be supported by a team of experts from different fields, such as art history, culture, education and multimedia. Their knowledge they share as multiplier with the own vicinity or their peers.

At the beginning of the summer holidays 2018 the first results will be presented. The final presentation of the App from Charlottenburg und Wedding will be carried out in January 2019.

The result of the project is a culture heritage App as well as a culture heritage network for young people beyond the borders. The App will be accessible for the peers and on the Internet.

In the second year (2019) a "WAnderschaft" will be happen in Italy, Poland and Denmark.