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Let‘s dance – the ERIH dance into May!

A fun, shared activity for ERIH-sites to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

The industrialisation of Europe shapes our lives even today: no car without steam engine, no computer without electrification, no medical progress without laboratories. Also for young Europeans these connections are fascinating – they might even provide incentives for their professional careers. In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, ERIH seizes the opportunity to inspire young people to discover their shared industrial legacy.

May 1st is celebrated internationally as Labour Day. ERIH is planning a special event to be held on Labour Day 2018 which will unite ERIH-sites all over Europe with a spectacular fun event for kids and teens. Children and young people are the future of industrial culture. On May 1st 2018 they will bring their vitality and ‘joie de vivre’ to ERIH-sites in many countries with an exciting, simultaneous music and dance performance. The music was composed by two 17-years old composers "Paul & Friends".

Photos and videos from the sites will be posted on social media, instantly sharing and publicising the performances across Europe. The result will be the creation of a unique, lively, and unforgettable kaleidoscope of European industrial culture.

Let’s dance!