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Destination Napoleon

  • Destination Napoleon
  • European Federation of Napoleonic Cities
    Secretary general
    Hôtel de ville
    Place Napoléon
    BP 829
    F - 85021 La Roche Sur Yon Cedex (FRANCE)

    Charles Bonaparte, President
    Jacques Mattei, Director

    Anja Schwind, Coordinator
    Email: contact@napoleoncities.eu

    Official website

    Institutional website

Experience our European heritage tracing Napoleon‘s footsteps.

The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities and its Cultural Route represents 60 European Cities influenced by the Napoleonic history, notably well-known cities as Ajaccio, Rueil-Malmaison, Alessandria (Marengo), Austerlitz, Jena, Borodino, the Berezina and Waterloo in 13 Countries from Portugal to Russia.

As Charles Bonaparte, President of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities, states: “Beyond our opinions about this man and his actions, we, the elected representatives of these towns, know the importance of the material and moral heritage that we have received. We know how much Napoleon’s deeds have marked our cities, not only their past, their urban form, their fortune, good or bad, but also their present. So we want to showcase this heritage so that it continues to create meaning and richness to our contemporaries and prepares them to better face their future. For we know that by a sound knowledge and a just appreciation of the contributions of history our citizens will be set to better address the challenges of today.”

The Federation aims to encourage to view this decisive period of shared European history as reflected in the national historical narratives. It is essential that this heritage be granted its rightful place as part of a historical reading, but also by its influence on the contemporary geopolitical context and notably in the development of the "European idea".

With the label European Cultural Route the Council of Europe promotes cooperation and exchange in the fields of culture, education and tourism. The 32 European Cultural Routes on the continent are serving interculturalism between the peoples of Europe.

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