// The European Year of Cultural Heritage

The European Year of Cultural Heritage

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage!
The European Commission has initiated a thematic year which calls on us all to help Europe be perceived not as something remote or out of touch with reality, but as something that belongs to all of us. Our cultural heritage tells us about our shared European history, wherever we are at home.


The European Cultural Heritage Year will focus on what we share and what unites us. Where do we recognize our European heritage in our cities, towns and cultural landscapes? What unites us? What do we want to change? We want to increase awareness of our rich heritage and inspire a desire to preserve it. Let us discover our shared roots, let us see our surroundings with new eyes, let us tell each other our stories!

In Germany, the office of the German Cultural Heritage Committee (DNK) is coordinating this thematic year in consultation with the federal, state and local governments. Germany’s Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier supports and honours the initiative by being SHARING HERITAGE’s patron.

The German Cultural Heritage Committee calls on all citizens and all public and private spon-sors, conservators and communicators of cultural heritage to take an active part and thereby discover, investigate and present how Europe’s cultural heritage brings us together.

In practical terms – we want you to publish your project on our platform:

As in Germany, many other European countries celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage with nationwide initatives. The EU's Website on the Year of Cultural Heritage lists all national websites as well as europe-wide activities:

At the end of the Summit the 3 co-hosting organisations presented the „Berlin Call to Action - Cultural Heritage for the Future of Europe". The call builds on the momentum of the European Year of Cultural Heritage by formulating seven action points that call for intensifying the commitment to Europe's cultural heritage and putting our common heritage at the center of Europe's policies and priorities.